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Our Team.

Like most technology outfits, our humble beginnings started in a kitchen in 1997. It started with a passion and an wonder of everything computers. The joy of solving complex problems with code, and making tasks easier by leveraging the speed of computers.

We are often asked what's up with LOL Concepts. Well, we started before there were any Laughing Out Louds, and Emoji. We could have changed, but we chose to keep it and lean into it. Today, we specialize in helping low staff, no staff and augmenting in everything tech. Together we have a wide skill set and real life experience in many industries. We zoom through the skies with Drones, Produce video, run cable, consult on security, install and repair equipment, design and cut templates and innovate with custom programming.

Give us a call today and see how we can work together to build something incredible.




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